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> 15  nov..   2002   added new main menu page link FRONT-END FORUM (Ita)
> 07 dec. 2002 -   added new links in TECH-LINK - LIST 1 page:
AppCad ver 3.0 by AGILENT, a very nice free software by Agilent (ex Hewlett Packard)
> 20 dec 2002    - added comments received by other builders, I1NAI Adriano, about  logaritmic amplifier version 1
performances (presented in our article in Radio Rivista (Ita) magazine). See from main menu:
AMPL-DETECT LOG 80dB DINAMICA , at the end of the article.
> added more photos under
HOMEBREW GALLERY by I4FAF  in SRC Front-End and in   SRC02 Front-end
about our versions of HF RX  FRONT-END project.
>added new inside photos about SRC-02 Front End unit Version 1 with Butterworth passband filters and version 2
with Cauer pb filters at
SRC02 inside photos
> 28 dec. 2002  -
added two fine links in   TECH-LINK - LIST 1   page about HI FI SSB audio specialist by NU9N and in ANTENNA LINKS page added link to Butternut HF2V mods article by VE6LB  and KM9Z link to Low Band DXing  Tricks & Tips KM9Z 's page.
********** NEW****** started the new TECH. LINK - LIST 2    technical links page 2 with some more interestings links.
> 20 january 2003 - added a link to KM1CC  100th Anniversary first USA - Europe Wireless Telegraph and
pictures at IY4FGM.
> 27 january 2003 - added more links under  TECH. LINK  - LIST 2

> 01 february 2003 - ******NEW TECHNICAL ARTICLE (our 6th article) in 3 PARTS****** about receiver and  pre-amplifier  measures, RF filters and RX -Systems simulation software, IMD, IP3, Dynamic Range and much more (a lot of formulas, data and tables. Very interesting) !!!!.
15 february 2003 - added schematic diagrams, transformers details and board layout in our Advanced Low Cost QRP HF Linear Amplifier page + a link to CDG2000 output lowpass filters+directional coupler data for amateur bands.
> 17 march 2003 - added QEX Cover about my article in March-April 2003 issue.
>  "       "               added links about  the town of Bologna                 
> 22 march 2003 - added some more links in Contest  page (some CW trainer software links) and in
Technical-links1  page (new  HF Titan III,  by Ten-Tec, lin. ampl manual and photos).
> added new pages under I4FAF Homebrew Gallery (RX IF-AGC photo about W7AAZ Bill Carver design;
HF "really rugged and trusted" Linear Amplifiers with Tetrode Tubes by I4FAF).
> 31 march 2003 - added 3 more enlarged photos about the impressive amateur radio HF linear amplifier with
 2x 4CX800A, SRC 2000 by I4FAF in Homebrew gallery (click on the photos to enlarge).
> added another 3 more enlarged photos about SRC 2001 improved one 4CX800A tetrode linear amplifier.

> 02 april 2003 - added link to CQ Magazine page dedicated to VE3ERP HAMCALC, last version 1 april 2003, now only available in CQ Magazine web site as .zip downloadable file.
> added link to the new I QRP Club bulletin downloadable by ARI Montebelluna (TV)
> added a link to new HF transceiver ORION, by TEN-TEC, donwloadable manual.
> 05 april 2003 added .zip downloadable file for: 9 band autoswitch with BCD band data for bandpass filters switch
> 12 april 2003 added a link to Letter to the Editor MAY-JUNE 2003 QEX Magazine about errata corrige and performance report about my article in March/April 2003 QEX "High-Level Accessory Front End for the HF Amateur Bands". Click here.
> Added a link to PA3CKR who also has tested H MODE HF high level mixer with FST3125 (See first CDG2000, G3SBI.
>>> Get a copy of  April 2003 RADCOM (RSGB-UK), I7SWX, Giancarlo Moda, in Technical Topics, page 82 in April 2003 RADCOM RSGB Magazine) for a practical simplified circuit about the High Level H-MODE RF Mixer with FST3125 integrated circuit. 
> 10 may 2003 added more test data about our push-pull RF preamplifier (Output IP2 and a comparison with one transistor Norton noiseless feedback circuit) CLICK HERE.
> 24 may 2003: added more interesting links in TECH-LINK LIST 2 (i.e. dowloadable file from ARRL about WA1GPO QST June 2003 30 Watts, 2 Watts in,  HF 13.8 V push-pull  transistors linear amplifier and more links added)
> 03 june 2003 under Antenna page added some interesting links about the EH Antenna
> 05 july 2003:added more links in TECH-LINK LIST 2 page and in Antenna page added a new close look to
EH Antennas by I4SBX (documents in italian and english).
> 20 july 2003: added more  fine photos in Linear Amplifiers page
> 26 july 2003: Mr. Kato JA9TTT detailed reports about H-MODE FST3125M double balanced RF mixer in two versions, one with 3 binocular  transformers and I7SWX two binocular transformer version (that we have also
tested ourself): a spectrum analyser photos detailed full report.
> 07 aug 2003: added new links in TECH-LINK LIST 2 page.
> 31 aug 2003: added new page about our  FST3125M  H-mode HF High Level  Double-Balanced Mixer evaluation board and performance report with 3 binoculars transformers (under construction).
>13 sept 2003: added a lot of links to TECH-LINK LIST 2 page, a section devoted to AUDIO Freq ideas, tools, some appl notes, a link to Texas Instruments (TI) evaluating software for LP-HP audio filters.
>10 october 2003: added more links in TECH-LINK LIST2,  ANTENNA page, added in main index page N2PK link about Vector Network Analyser (tnx to I7SWX news), added a resume article (italian only) about XIX  2003 September Bologna HF DX meeting G. Marconi with a link to Mediterraneo DX Club with a lot of photos. 
>15 november 2003: added H-MODE LINKS in FST3125M  H-mode HF High Level  Double-Balanced Mixer and I keep a waiting list of your e-mails (quote your call sign, amateur radio only, please) for my H-MODE Mixer article for  advise, since ARRL has accepted it for pubblication on QEX in 2004 (QEX is an ARRL - amateur radio technical magazine). 
>20 Dec 2003: a better layout of my web site pages about "High LEVEL FRONT-END for HF" 2003 QEX article.
>05 Jan 2004: English Menu has a new article in English: 
Low Cost Mosfet QRP HF Linear Ampli
 "An Optimised QRP Low Cost Mosfets HF Linear Amplifier with low IMD" with .pdf downloadable schematics and pcb. Performances data are provided in tables.
>01 July 2004: " A Doubly Balanced "H-mode" Mixer for HF " By Sergio Cartoceti, IK4AUY
is in July/August 2004 QEX (ARRL ) Magazine, pages 23 - 32. Click Here for more info
>26.09.2004 added one photo at IY4FGM from XX HF-DX Convention in Bologna 25-26 september 2004
>06.12.2004 IV3DDM duplicated and tested our "SRC" Cauer passband filters HF Front End with real spectrum analyser photos of all 9 bands, and more.
>17.01.2005 added a link To a 120 pages Application Note n. 150 by AGILENT "Spectrum Analysis Basic see below  TECH-LINK LIST2  page
>02.05.2005 added a new article (in italian) published in Radio Rivista Magazine May 2005 about our earlier experience in building CDG2000 TRX with plenty of color pictures and our pcb for h-mode mixer with noise blanker gate and divided by 2 squarer LO input.
>22.01.2006 added .pdf downloadable file about my articles in QEX (ARRL) for personal amateur radio interest only. See my HF RX FRONT-END page and High Level  H-MODE RF Mixer with FST3125M page

>22.01.2006 added .pdf downloadable file about my articles in QEX (ARRL) for personal amateur radio interest only. See my HF RX FRONT-END page and High Level  H-MODE RF Mixer with FST3125M page
>08.11.2006 opened pages dedicated to Yaesu FT-2000 HF and 6m. new transceiver.
>updated h-mode rf mixer  link page, added
PA3AKE  in dept  report, about 50 pages, on H-MODE (March 2007)
April 12-2008 added DX Station Audio MP3 files with my FT-2000
> SAT 8 SKY TV   Video   "QRZ" n.98  08/05/2008" on IY4FGM and Marconi Museum - 25 April   IMD  International Marconi Day.
>May 28 -2008: updated Receiver Lab test data table: added IC-7700 (only a few data by G3SJX in Radcom June-2008)

>Feb 4-2009: updated FT-2000 page.   One more errata corrige reported in Optimised QRP Low Cost Mosfets HF Linear Amplifier with low IMD page.
>March 29-2009: updated link in the menu page and tech link1 list to DK4DDS web site (see TR7 Renovation for a speech compressor, audio notch, nr dsp module add on in any home made trx, more project are presented also, like a band by band tx drive power equalizer with 3 pin diodes and trimmer control board)
>June 02 -2009: updated Receiver Lab test data table: added IC-7600 (only a few data by G3SJX in Radcom June-2009)

>July  25 -2009: added new RX lab test data  Yaesu FT-897D  (SN.Jan 2009)
>July  26 -2009: added new RX lab test data 
CDG2000DX -SRC (SN.02  - 2009 - by ik4auy & i4faf)
>Ago  22 -2009: added new links  under  What's New on this Web Site
>Nov  29 -2009: 
>CDG2000DX -SRC opened new dedicated page to our high performance TRX experience

>Dec  22 -2009: added more images in I4FAF Hombrew Gallery page
>June 02-2010: added new RX lab test data  CDG2000DX -SRC  and FTDX5000  06-2010;  Perseus 05-2010  from Radcom G3SJX, FTDX9000MP PEP from 07-2010 QST)
>July  29-2010: added RX 3IMDDR  data about a new FT-2000 (pep latest firmware, sn Dec 2009)

>Jan     9-2011: added  TS-590S rx tests in RX lab test data
>April 26-2011: added BLA 1000 RM Italy , KPA500 Elecraft early reviews
>March 31-2013: added foto Stradivarius (Begali) CW Key  at  http://ik4auy.xoom.it/ir4b_contest_call.htm

>March 31-2013: updated RX TABLE with ARRL (april 2013 qst)   FTDX3000 rig data