QEX March/April 2003 issue Article Title:
"A High-Level Accessory Front End for the HF Amateur Bands"  (pages 45 to 56)
(by Sergio Cartoceti, IK4AUY, 2003)

Further Info, Photos, Performances Data, 9 band BCD autoswitch and
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 Photos  FROM HOMEBREW GALLERY by I4FAF  about earlier versions.  The final version  presented in  QEX is named SRC-02. 
 SRC Front-End  SRC01 Front-End       SRC02 Front-end
         (pb filters simplified)        (pb  filters Butterworth, preampl)  (Cauer pbf, preampl.,var att.)

 SRC02 inside photos

Where to find parts HELP 9 band Autobandswitch BCD data
(Butterworth and Cauer vers) (relays,pin diodes,transistor,caps) (circuit and board .zip file,3 .pdf files)
Preampl. Performances data QEX March/April 2003 article  Errata Corrige Our project overview by IV3DDM with band by band spectrum analyser - tracking generator pb filter curves
More circuit board templates about QEX March/April 2003 article project are available, they are many and if really interested inquiry for a CD with cost coverage.

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