Technical links (page 1) for amateur radio projects  and tools
 Technical related AMATEUR RADIO LINKS  Commercial Technical Amateur Radio related LINKS
Electronics  on line Text  Book for students or hobbyists Mini VNA      (HF - VHF Antenna analyzer)
G3YWX Radio-Electronics                     (tutorial, links) ALMOST ALL DIGITAL EL.(Filter design soft.,L/C, more)
CDG2000 HF TRX by G3SBI & co (advanced trx project) AOR (UK) (John Thorpe IMD testing of high perf receivers)
G3SEK Technical site   (tetrode tubes control board, more) INRAD   (Sells IF Cristal filters, mech., also for home brew)
G3OOU Bob Electronic Design Centre MiniCircuits       (rf mixers, transformers, combiners,more)
I QRP CLUB  bulletin  (free) ROCKWELL COLLINS Mechanical FILTERS 455 KHz
  SYNERGY      (mixers, vco, transformers, combiners, more)
K8CU Technical site    (High Voltage regulator, more)  
K8ZT   QRP,CW, PROJECTS and more resources links Some RF semiconductor manufacturers, for data sheet  
OK1RR            (under Technical stuff, pb filter data, more) ALLDATASHEET                 (data sheet search system)
SM5BSZ             DATASHEET LOCATOR    (790  manufacturers listed)
  AGILENT (ex HP), Semiconductors  (data sh., appl. notes)
  ANALOG DEVICES          (Technical Library, data sheets)
  CALOGIC SD5000N (DMOS switches for High Lev. HF Mixer)  
Blocking Dynamic Range in Receivers      (Leif Asbrik SM5BSZ) Fairchild FST3125    (as HF High Level Mixer, see G3SBI)
IMD in digital receivers       (Leif Asbrik SM5BSZ) PA3CKR has also tested H-Mode Mixer with FST3125
Intermodulation phase noise and Dynamic Range GEC Plessey AN156-2 AppCad software by Agilent  vers. 3.0 or  2.5.1 other sie
Receiver Metrics presentation   (by W4UOA powerpoint file) MA-COM         (new  RF Mosfets MRF150 manufacturer)
Receiver presentation Understanding receiver specs by K6YP MOTOROLA Semiconductors
  PHILIPS         (lot of RF components,  RF application note)
  Sites with a lot of LINKS, tech., mods, dealers, manuf.
Bavarian Contest Club projects (HF preselector,filters, more) WWW.MODS.DK (loaded of manuals,radio modifications)
AB4OJ/VA7OJ       (ICOM enthusiast, a lot of links about) AC6V                    (Amateur Radio Guide, over 6000 links)
I0GEJ       new equipment pre-review EHAM     (Amateur Radio on the net,product reviews,more)
VA3CR           (Yaesu 1000MP, 1000MP-Mark V, more) HAMRAD  (Amateur Radio Sites, mods, dealers, manufact)
NU9N    (SSB HI FI AUDIO, RX audio analysis, more) K1DWU                      (over 4500 Amateur Radio LINKS)
QRP S-METER   (Your Remote S meter and a lot of links)
QRP Amateur Radio Club International GOOGLE                         (for general searches on the web)
American QRP Club Drake, Collins by WB4HFN
Norcal QRP  (NC2030 presentation by Dan Tayloe N7VE and K6ESE) DRAKE TR7 Renovation by DK4DDS   (notch and speech processor project  and more)