"SRC-02" is a complete improved version of our RX FRONT-END project with RF amateur band passband filters, relays switched, broadband highly linear RX 2x2n5109 CATV push-pull transistor amplifier (+12 dB, and one more stage for another + 12dB only when needed), variable pin-diodes RX RF attenuator, RX/TX by-pass, and RX/TX antenna 1, antenna 2 RF relay selector, RX only antenna port.
You can see two different SRC-02 version 1 with Butterworth passband filters and SRC-02 version 2 with a different front panel style and Cauer bandpass input filters.


SRC-02 HF FRONT END Version 1 (Butterworth filters)
SRC-02 HF FRONT END Version 2 (Cauer pb filters)
Rear view (both versions)
2x2N5109 RX high performance BB ampl. (12dB gain)